Obtain a Cyprus Passport  with a €2.5 Investment in Touch Blue Residences

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Villa 2

5.803.000 Euro

- 5 Bedroom Villa - Total Covered Area 531 sq.m  


Setting new standards of private residence, "DIVINE RESIDENCES" is reserved for the few who can claim the privilege of owning a home that outshines all others.

The attention to detail and the high grade finishes inside these sophisticated villa extend outside and onwards to blend harmoniously with the world outside your doorstep from the decking, where the lush vegetation gently sways in the sea breeze, to the gentle rhythmic clapping of the waves from the beach that is just moments away.

Villa 3

2.651.000 Euro

- 3 Bedroom + basement Villa - Total Covered Area 280 sq.m  


Step out your stunning home and straight on to the warm golden sand you can take a walk in the balmy sea air any time of day or night, and feel the waves caress your feet.

Villa 10, Villa 11, Villa 12

1.530.000 Euro

- 3 Bedroom + 1 basement Villa - Total Covered Area 224 sq.m     


All with private swimming pools and magnificent Ultra Luxury Bedrooms with extensive roof gardens and impressive sea views. Residents enjoy the privilege of living in an elite residential property that features exceptionally generous space allocation (both internally as well as in communal areas) exquisite finishing touches, elegant building materials and fine craftsmanship.

Villa 5, Villa 6, Villa 7, Villa 8, Villa 9

1.430.000 Euro

- 2 Bedroom + 1 basement Villa - Total Covered Area 224 sq.m  


Combining aesthetic pleasures with mesmerizing views of the infinite horizon, the villas are a signature of modern elegance and luxurious comfort. The design is light and ‘flowy’. The colour palette is a reflection of its surroundings.

Villa 14

550.00 Euro

- 2 Bedroom Villa - Total Covered Area 118 sq.m              


Whether you are just waking up or about to fall asleep in its many gorgeous bedrooms, and when you’re enjoying a cup of coffee in the living room, relaxing in the hot tub on the balcony, strolling through the villa’s large garden, or swimming in the gorgeous infinity pool, you will always enjoy this spectacular view.